Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

Review for Emergency Services
Above and Beyond

Steve Sanchez came promptly to give us an estimate after we had three large tree branches fall in a recent storm, two of the branches against our house siding and roof. He provided a quite reasonable quote and, since there was danger of damage to our house if the branches would shift in a new storm, he indicated he would give our job priority if he could. As it turned out, less than a week later he was able to fit our work in. In addition to the agreed job, his crew cut other branches that might cause problems in future if left alone, and they did so at no extra charge. The yard was cleaned up well, all debris disposed of, before Steve and his crew departed. A really amazing bonus was that, thanks to how carefully the crew had managed the tasks, even after Sanchez and Sons had removed many hundreds of pounds of branches’ weight from against our house, there was no damage to siding or roof.

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