Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Nothing stumps us.

Why stump grind? Some people do it because they want to plant another tree in the same place. Some want to plant grass or have the existing grass fill in where the stump was. Stump grinding also prevents resprouting. If the stump is not ground, the wood will eventually begin to decay which can encourage fungus.

Our first step in stump grinding is to make sure the area is safe from any underground hazards. We do that by setting an appointment with Dial Before You Dig (811) to identify any underground utilities. We are able to perform stump grinding in-house, and do not subcontract.

We currently offer stump grinding from December through the end of March.

You can schedule the immediate removal, or for a discounted price you can be put on our “stump grinding list” if your need is not urgent.

The process


We will discuss your requirements over the phone and schedule a site visit to assess the stump and surrounding area. We will then provide a quote detailing the costs


We use specialist stump grinding machinery which features a rotating cutting wheel and sharp teeth to slowly chip away at the stump. Our range of grinders means we can remove any tree stump, no matter the location or size.


The main stump area, which is slightly larger than the trunk diameter, and any large surface roots will be ground out. Smaller roots can extend far from the ground area, these are left in the ground to decompose.


Once the stump has been ground out, all that remains is a mix of soil and wood grindings which is used to back-fill the hole then left as a small mound to settle over time.

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