Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

It's not just cutting limbs...

General pruning of dead, damaged, or weak branches can be done at any time of year. Depending on the species, many temperate plants and trees can be pruned either during dormancy in winter or, for species where winter frost can harm a recently pruned plant, after flowering is completed.

Tree limbs are pruned for multiple reasons, all of which result in a better looking and much healthier tree. Routine trimming allows your trees to reach their full potential and live a long and healthy life. The pruning of any dead wood off of any species of tree also promotes new growth! Proper pruning and maintenance will help establish a strong tree that is able to withstand strong Central Texas storms and provide shade and enjoyment for years to come. We provide what is referred to in arboriculture as Class 1-3 trims.

gardener pruning fruit tree brunches with pruning shears

Class 1

  • Removal of all deadwood (approx. up to 95%)
  • Raise canopy where necessary
  • Removal of ball moss (approx. 80-90%)
  • Structural clearance where necessary
  • Removal of water sprouts (new shoots) where necessary
  • Removal of crossing limbs (limbs that rub against each other, causing damage)
  • Removal of diseased or decaying limbs

Class 2

  • Removal of larger deadwood, size range between 2-8 inches
  • Structural clearance
  • Removal of diseased or decaying limbs (2-5 inches)
  • Choice pruning on limbs applying pressure to one another, leaving the most viable limb
Arborist cutting branches with chainsaw. Action shot, visible saw dust.

Class 3

  • Overly large, complex, or uncommonly hazardous situations requiring specialized equipment or procedures
  • Addressing the customer’s concerns, taking care of what they called us out for

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Season to Prune

Late fall through early winter is typically best, as the tree goes dormant and the vascular system is less active. General pruning of dead, damaged, or weak branches can be done at any time of year.

Oak Wilt Prevention

Central Texas has the most unique Live Oak grove in the world, so we are dedicated to preventing Oak Wilt. We do this by trimming only during optimal Oak pruning seasons (winter or summer), disinfecting all equipment that comes in contact with the trees, and treating all cuts 3/4” or larger with latex paint.

Worst Season to Prune

Spring is the most unsafe time to prune any live tree due to high insect activity and extreme energy being exerted by the tree. However, we know that in some instances pruning is necessary and can't be avoided. We will provide free assessments for your tree care plan.

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